Gabby Barrett Treasures The ‘Glory Days’

Gabby Barrett cherishes heartwarming moments with her husband and kids as she pays tribute to the “Glory Days,” the first song of her forthcoming era. Barrett released the lively song on June 9. Barrett describes a sunset with her husband and two children in their yard, picking daisies and catching fireflies. She sings, “Love life, no changes, happy smile, no need for old pictures. These are the glory days.” “Glory Days” starts the next chapter of music, according to Barrett. The 23-year-old American Idol alum credited Seth Mosley, Emily Weisband, and James McNair for co-writing the song. Barrett’s new project follows her debut album Goldmine, released in 2020. The collection had popular tracks like “I Hope” (also a duet with Charlie Puth), “The Good Ones,” and “Footprints On The Moon.” What do you think of Barrett’s new song, “The Glory Days?”

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