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FRISKY FRIDAY: Would You Come to my Stinky Shirt-Sniffing Party?

If I handed you an invitation, to join me and several others, for a Stinky Shirt-Sniffing Party, would you come?

It’s getting to be a thing…  You have to bring your own sweaty, stinky shirt, in a zipper-lock bag.  Then, after appetizers, get ready for “the main attraction,” if you will.

The shirts are all identified with a number or a fake name, and laid out for each guest to take a turn at smelling.  Each guest then marks down which shirts had an appealing scent.  Afterward, the guests are then united with their preferred “aromatic partner(s).”

It either makes a lot of sense, or just a lot of scents.

But it all has to do with pheromones.  They’re the chemicals we sweat out, after exerting ourselves.  And they’re a big part of what attracts us to each other.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that one woman, who recently hosted such a party in the City by the Bay, said it was a “different take on mating…  so visceral, and subconscious.”

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