FRISKY FRIDAY VALENTINE-FAIL?  Turn It into your Best Day Ever – Hijack It

 Here’s how to Hijack Valentine’s Day:  Take yourself on a date.  If you had a few hours to yourself, how would you spend it?  Where would you go?

  1. Go for a walk in a new-to-you place.  Use your senses and take in your surroundings.  Do you hear that?  Silence between the sounds?
  2. Bask in the flavor bombs.  Slowly savor those chocolates or your favorite stuffed burrito.  For today, calories and nutrition do not exist.  Order a heart-shaped pizza!  [I’ve done this – it’s Lou Malnati’s – see the picture?]
  3. Move your body in whatever ways feel pleasurable to you.  Dance to music.  Head to a class.  Take a fun or peaceful walk…  But…
  4. Get outside…  Get sun on your face, if you can…  Maybe lie down on a blanket, and stare at the clouds – or get to a good place with lots of big windows, like a zoo, or into a nature center.
  5. Curate humor.  Rewatch that movie guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.  Check out that popular comedian.
  6. Take a freaking fantastic nap.
  7. Go to the movies alone.  Order the vat of buttery popcorn and ridiculously overpriced M&Ms.
  8. Eat dessert for lunch…  Or a generous hunk of baguette, brie, and an apple.
  9. Listen to music that pumps you up, relaxes you, takes you back…  98.3 WCCQ!  

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