Glamour blogger Shallon Lester brings to our attention a widespread problem:  guys seem to really dig crazy chicks“Personally, I think guys secretly like the drama. Maybe it makes them feel alive or brings some action to their otherwise dull lives.  Or, perhaps it reminds them of the chaos of their own family life as a child…  Or, they could just be weak guys who like being dominated and repressed.” [Glamour]

Why guys seem to loooove crazy women, according to Tamara Vlahovic, at Your Tango:

  1. Men love to be heroes. They love to “fix” things. It makes them feel needed, important, and feeds the male ego.  Who makes a better damsel in distress than a poor, defenseless “lunachic”?  Note to guys:  a woman is not like a house.  Fixer-uppers do not usually turn out to be a wise investment.  If you need to fix something, there are plenty of us normal single girls out there who need some light bulbs changed.
  2. If she’s crazy day to day, chances are she’s crazy in the sack.  But men don’t really care about sex that much, do they?  Wait … I think they might.
  3. He has mommy issues.  If a guy had a dysfunctional mother (or primary family member) he may not actually be aware that his lady’s behavior is NOT normal.  There’s no shame in going to therapy and working that stuff out.
  4. Need to figure out your future career?  Money troubles?  Feeling anxious or depressed?  Having a GF with problems much worse than your own is a wonderful distraction.  Warning:  she will only make your problems worse.
  5. He is not ready for a real intimate and committed relationship; and we all pick the wrong kind of person, when we’re not ready.  As soon as he envisions a lifetime of cracked-out antics, chances are, he’ll be on the road to Mrs. Rightville, ASAP.

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