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FRISKY FRIDAY UPDATE: “Short Temper” Causes Dating Meltdown. Check This Out.

Video went viral, this week, from a bagel shop in New York…  That’s where a short guy started ranting about how women on dating sites won’t go out with him.  Eventually he started challenging taller guys to fights . . . and one accepted . . . then tackled him.  The cops came; but no charges were filed.

This isn’t exactly going to help shatter the stereotype that SHORT MEN are irrationally angry.

What set him off?  Apparently, a woman smiled at him.

{{On the video, he yells things like, quote, “Why is it okay for women to say ‘Oh, you’re five feet’ on dating sites, you should be dead?  That’s okay? . . . Everywhere I go, I get the same [effing] smirk.”}}

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