FRISKY FRIDAY to be FRANK:  Exotic Dancers TikTok – to Reveal the Dark Side of their Work
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Exotic Dancers Create TikTok Videos to Reveal the Darker Side of their Profession

Videos tagged with #striptok show the world of exotic dancers.  While some post how much money they earn dancing, other dancers are now saying this trend glamorizes the job to a dangerous extent.

Terree, also known as TikTok user @terreekennedy, posted a video – to warn women who are thinking of becoming exotic dancers, based on what they have seen on TikTok.  She says that the job is an “inconsistent source of income and that strippers are often in a vulnerable position.”

Other dancers share traumatic experiences in the club, like harassment, drug use, and crime.  And they want to paint a more realistic image of the profession, beyond the glitz of social media.

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