FRISKY FRIDAY SLAP-FLAP:  Faith Hill Packs a Punch – Funny Story from Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw Jokes About Faith Hill Slap Scene – Which Left Him “Concussed” While Filming ‘1883’

Tim McGraw recently shared a humorous anecdote about filming a fight scene with his wife, Faith Hill, on the set of Yellowstone prequel, 1883.

The couple played a husband-and-wife duo in the series and had to act out intense scenes together.  During one particular scene, in which Hill slapped McGraw, the country star joked that he was concussed for the next 10 takes.

So when we did the first take I was expecting, you know, a good slap.  A finger slap on my face so it would smack and make a good noise…  But I got a palm slap,” McGraw said.  “So I was concussed for the next 10 takes.  And I think we had it the first three takes; but she kept wanting to do more, which made me a little concerned.”

She had this little smile,” he continued…  “A little hint of a smile in her eyes.  And I thought, ‘you’re supposed to be upset!’

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