Well, YES…  and NO.

If you felt that flame, flirted and had some fun, then maybe even hooked up…  You may be thinking that it could be absolutely worthwhile to see where this could go.  Give it some time, see if the chemistry, the connection is real…  and mutual.

So, you let a little time go by, you make it a little more likely that you’ll “run into each other.”  You get a certain reaction.  That’s the key.  What is the reaction?

If someone you like returns your gaze, your conversation, your invitations with some reciprocity; that’s a good sign.  If you can’t stop talking with each other, find yourselves laughing together, each look for excuses to spend future time together:  These are verrry good signs.  Go for it!

But if that special someone you like is a little stand-off-ish, after the flirt night (especially if drinking was involved)…  Or maybe isn’t really offering to make time to get together again…  Or even says something like, “hey, you know, I’ve got some drama with my ex, right now,” or “um, I’ve got a lot going on; so I don’t really know when I can see you, again,” then:  Run.  Don’t walk.  Run toward the NEXT great adventure.  Let this one go.  If someone’s just not that into you – then that person IS NOT INTO YOU.  Go find the fun one, who is!

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