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FRISKY FRIDAY OOPS: ‘Mike Is a Cheater’ Spray-Painted on Wrong Car

‘Mike Is a Cheater’ Spray Paint Note Ends Up on Wrong Car

This seems like a crime of passion, which hit the wrong car.  Nedra Brantley lives in Washington, DC, and woke up last week to find someone had graffitied “Mike is a cheater,” across her red SUV, in black spray paint.

She tells local news sources she’s never dated anyone named Mike.  And she doesn’t even know anyone named Mike.

She says the hood and sides of her car as spray-painted (as well as the license plates); and that the offender had broken the front and back windshields, plus, ripped the side mirrors off.

Brantley’s insurance company and police are working with her, to make things right again.  They’re trying to track down the person who did this.  Local video cameras are likely to help.

Get more facts, here:  (Newser)

  • A woman in Washington, DC recently awoke to find her red SUV covered in black spray-paint reading “Mike is a cheater”– but she says she’s never dated anyone named Mike, and doesn’t even know anyone named Mike
  • Her insurance company and police say they’re working with her to make things right, as well as trying to find the person who did it

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