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FRISKY FRIDAY MISSION: Bring Your Partner Closer – 4 Sly, Quick Ways

If you’re in a loving relationship, but the flame has sputtered a bit, the sizzle has fizzled…  Here’s how to recreate that deep, emotional bond you had – and keep your partner from drifting away (or toward another!).

Relationship expert Kristina Marchant is also a dating coach.  She tells that connecting in a soulful, honest, safe and sexy way will bring the two of you tightly together.  Try these four steps.

  1.  Be Playful.  If you find ways to make yourself happy, then you will be the attractive soul your partner first fell for – only today’s better version.  Take care of your own heart and mind, make sure you make time for laughter and fun.  Take care of your body and indulge your senses…  Your sensuality will shine!  Who can resist that?
  2.  Show Adoration.  When your partner feels your incredible attraction, that’s irresistible.  It’s like a magnetic force, to bring you together.  Touch with a sense of giving or offering (not so much like pulling or tugging).  Move toward, respectfully.  Don’t tease, unless it’s entirely playful.
  3.  Be Vulnerable.  Your partner should feel comfortable with you, in a genuine way.  That means knowing you would share how you really feel, show who you really are.  If you are also a “safe place” for your partner to fall into, at the end of the day (or when days get rough), then you are a trusted, comfy, normal, real source of love and every lovely kind of affection.
  4.  Don’t Fight Dirty.  Any progress you make toward vulnerability, trust and comfort will be lost immediately, in this ridiculous throwdown.  “Well, of course you did that.  You’re always like that.  Everyone knows it.”  Is a great way to un-do any loving progress and start your relationship packing.  So, go down a more quiet or sunny road, and hold hands (literally or figuratively), while you work through your challenges.  Every couple has them.  It’s how you navigate them…  together.

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