FRISKY FRIDAY MISS-FORTUNE:  Woman Horrified – Navel Piercing Completely Misses Belly Button
MODEL RELEASED. Young woman with hands in heart shape on tummy.
This is pretty terrifying:  A New Jersey woman on TikTok (who goes by Tyykidd) says she went to the “shore” to get her belly button pierced; but she did not get what she paid for.
The 21-year-old shares an on-screen caption, which reads, “Never get your belly button pierced at the shore.  Worst mistake ever.”  She then cuts to a photo of herself with the new piercing…  It shows the bar which pierces through the skin, (it’s got a bead at each end) and it’s a few inches above her navel.
There’s more, here:  (Newser)


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