FRISKY FRIDAY ‘FUNNY ONE’:  Are Men Happier in Relationships When They’re ‘The Funny One’?
Close-up of a woman laughing, covering her mouth with her hand.
Study:  Men Are Happier in Relationships When They Are the Funnier One  

A study called “Do They Fit Together Like The Joker And Harley Quinn?” reveals that, in long-term heterosexual relationships, men like to think they’re the funnier one.

149 couples, who had been together for an average of seven years, were surveyed about how often they joked with one another, and if they thought their partner’s jokes were funny.

Researchers found that men told more jokes than women, and think their own jokes are funnier…  And men seemed to be happier if their partner thought their jokes were funnier than their own.

Results suggest that men may feel more dyadically adjusted in relationships with women who underrate their own jokes but overrate their partner’s jokes,” researchers wrote.

Learn more, here:  (NY Post)

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