FRISKY FRIDAY FUNDRAISER:  The V-Show Will Go On – Thanks to 100K
London’s Vagina Museum Surpasses Fundraising Goal  

The first vagina museum will reopen, now that it has surpassed an impressive $100,000 fundraising goal.  The London attraction will reopen on November 4th, with a new exhibit on endometriosis.

Endometriosis is an often misunderstood condition.  “Endometriosis is incredibly common, but not many people know much about it,” Zoe Williams said.  “Even some people who have it have to learn and research quite a lot themselves.”

The museum will also feature permanent exhibits, a community gallery, and a cafe – which will host events and performances.

Director Florence Schechter said the new Vagina Museum home “is bigger and better than ever before.”

(See more, here:  The Guardian)

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