FRISKY FRIDAY FUN:  Which Way to Turn on Your Sensual Map

Have you figured out your “Sensual Map,” or really “traveled” your partner’s?

Tickle or Turn-On:  An article from Med Broadcast offers some really easy and fun ways to learn each other’s “highways and byways.”  So, “get in the zone,” this weekend!  Here’s just some of what it recommends…

The more sensitive and nerve-rich areas of the body are also the most erogenous.

The mechanics of tickling may explain a bit of why the soles of our feet, the tips of our toes, or the small of our back can be erogenous zones.  When we feel the first brush of a tickle, our skin’s nerve receptors sense the touch and send a message to the brain saying, “Hey, we’ve been touched!”  Then the brain processes that you were, in fact, touched by someone other than yourself.

Next, for unexplained, possibly evolutionary reasons, our bodies respond with a complex and, to many people, pleasurable reaction, one full of reflexive muscle contractions and twitches, not to mention goosebumps and that ticklish tingling.  Toss in passionate feelings and some romantic lighting, and you’re right there in the excitement phase – all flushed skin, quickened pulse, and accelerated breathing.

Our skin contains nerves which respond to sense of temperature, pain, light pressure, and deep pressure.  Multiply these by a person’s individual tastes, and the routes to arousal seem endless.

Remember:  areas where nerves are more densely packed and concentrated tend to be the most sensitive.  When you want to excite your partner, think tender flesh: the back of the knee would obviously be more responsive to touch than the kneecap (though again, you can’t account for individual taste!).  Seek out the earlobes, neck, feet, lips, armpits, etcetera.

And don’t rule out the busy brain!  Our minds are a bit different from the other erogenous zones – of course, you can’t touch, stroke, or kiss a mind, directly.  But you can finesse the mind with the sorts of sensory input that it most enjoysSights, like your partner’s face or the romantic lighting in the room, the scent of perfume, powder, or those enigmatic pheromones, the sound of a lover’s voice…  all of these can certainly be compelling short-cuts to a zone of arousal.”  

Check out the full article from Med Broadcast, HERE.

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