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FRISKY FRIDAY FUN: Online Dating – Would You Rather See a Tush Than a Face?

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The traditional online dating picture is one that shows you smiling, maybe while you’re hiking with a dog, or something.  But here’s a better idea:  Just slap a picture of your cheeks up there and watch the dates roll in. just ran a survey where they found people love BUTT PICTURES.  Like, they REALLY love them.  Check this out:

1. 64% of people say they’ve sent a picture that showed off their tush, in the past year.  Usually that means their butt in clothes, we think.

2. Women are more likely to send them than men; but men definitely get in on it, too.

3. 86% of people say they’re happy they sent it.

4. 98% of people say they really liked getting a butt selfie from someone; versus 87% who liked getting a regular face-selfie.  That’s right:  Odds are, someone would rather get a photo of your lower cheeks than your upper ones.

5. And 77% of people say sending a butt pic improved their romantic connection.

(For more, visit PR Newswire)

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