FRISKY FRIDAY FUN:  One in Four Single People Had Sex with a Roommate During Quarantine

One out of four single people had sex with their roommate during quarantine, according to a new survey by  And 16% of single people say they’ve been getting-it-on with THEMSELVES more often during the pandemic.


There are going to be a LOT of people awkwardly moving out of their apartments, once this pandemic is over. just released the results of a new survey, about how single people have been handling their “getting-it-on” needs, during the quarantine.

And 24% say they had sex with their, quote, “non-romantic” ROOMMATE.  In other words, they were stuck in the house together, so they decided to try a little action in the relative safety of home.

The survey also reveals that 16% of single people say they’ve been very much enjoying THEMSELVES more often, during the pandemic.

26% of people have broken up with someone they’d been dating during the pandemic . . . and 11% of people have gotten back together with an ex.

Sneak more of a peek, here:  (PR Newswire)  

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