FRISKY FRIDAY FUN-DA-MENTALS:  Pittsburgh Naturalism Group Hosts Naked Bowling
Here’s your invitation to strike out and have some fun in your spare time:

The Pittsburgh Area Naturalists Group is holding a “Balls Out Bowling” event April 28th.  The event requires nudity – with the exception that women can wear bottoms, the event page notes.

Nude bowlers will play at Grafton Ingram Lanes for the price of $25 per person.  Tickets must be purchased in advance.  Bowlers are encouraged to bring a towel and a bag for their belongings.

Balls Out Bowling is the ultimate bowling experience for anyone who loves to have fun and show off their skills in the buff,” the group says.

But keep your mind out of the alley:  Bowlers must be 18 or over, and sexual activity is not permitted.  We’re thinking the seats and equipment will get a good wipe-down, after the event…  right?

(Check out more, here:  UPI)

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