FRISKY FRIDAY FULL-ON:  One State Requires You to Wear Clothes for your Drivers License Pic
Georgia Says You Can’t Be Naked on Your Driver’s License
They have to say this?  Apparently, yes.

The Georgia Department of Driver Services issued a reminder for driver’s license applicants:  Wear clothes.

The state allows applicants to take selfies for their digital IDs, which can be used with Apple Wallet.

The peachy state posted on social media.  A May 23rd Facebook post asks Georgians to “keep things classy” and take photos with their clothing on.

Let’s raise our virtual glasses and toast to the future,” the department wrote.

How much clothing?  I feel like y’all are asking a lot in a vague way,” one poster commented.  “I thought about this and put clothes on just in case human review was involved,” another said.

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