FRISKY FRIDAY FULL-ON:  Can You Get your Rent Reduced If your Landlord Sunbathes in the Nude?
Apparently, not:  A tenant in Germany has been trying to pay less rent, since the landlord began a habit of nude sunbathing…  But the court wasn’t having it.

The case involved a human resources company, which had been renting an office in Frankfurt.

The business withheld rent payments, because it’s personnel objected to the landlord’s full-on nudity, when he took “air baths” (that’s what Ben Franklin called them – and he took them!) on the property.

The landlord then sued the company for rent owed.

However, the court did not offer the HR company any sort of cover.  It ruled that the spot where the nude sunbathing occurred could only be seen by leaning far out the window.

Also, it concluded that the “plaintiff stated credibly that he always wore a bathrobe which he only took off just before the sun lounger.

There’s more to reveal, here:  (AP News)

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