We’re talking hundreds…  for “hundries“?

If you want to “waist” some money on high-end granny panties, Balenciaga has just the undergarment for you.

The high-end fashion house now offers just one pair of granny panties… for $225!

These aren’t just any old undies, though.  The panties are compared to the ones Renee Zellweger wore, in the film Bridget Jones’ Diary.  You know, the ones that Hugh Grant‘s character called, “absolutely enormous panties.”

If this sounds like a piece of fashion-foundation which you’d like to have in your collection; they come in neutral (AKA “boring“) hues of black, white, brown, beige and light beige…  No red, like what’s pictured, nor any other color or pattern.

[Would you pay $225 for a pair of panties?  Do you know someone who would pay that much for grundies?] 

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