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FRISKY FRIDAY FRUGALITY: Man Deducts Dollars from Fiancee’s Gift for ‘Yelling Days’

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Man Set Aside $360 for His Fiancée’s Valentine Gift – Then Deducted $1 Every Day She Yelled at Him—Which Left Just $40 for her Gift
You have to wonder why certain people even stay together.
Isaac Ramirez, from California, posted on TikTok about how he set aside $360 last year, to buy a Valentine gift, this year, for his fiancée, Carolina.
But he decided to deduct a dollar from the total, each time she raised her voice at him, over the course of the year…  which amounted to a total of 320 dollars, deducted.
That left him with just $40 for her gift.
Isaac thought his plan was clever; but commenters say it seems the relationship is full of “red flags,” and that they should probably just break up.
Others slammed Carolina for allegedly yelling at Isaac so many times.  Still more posted that it seemed like Carolina was meant to “earn” her gift with good behavior, or be punished for bad behavior.
In the end, Isaac insisted it was all in good fun and that his relationship is a happy one.

Deduce more, here:  (Daily Mail)

  • A man on TikTok posted about how he had $360 in an envelope to buy his fiancé a Valentine’s Day gift that he saved in 2021, but that over the course of the year he deducted $1 each time she yelled at him, and he was left with just $40 by Valentine’s Day 2022
  • Some people accused him of having a bad relationship full of “red flags,” but he insists they’re in a happy relationship

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