FRISKY FRIDAY FROWNIE FACES:  Public Nude Beach Posts Signs to Ban Groping and Scoping
Complaints Lead to “No Sex” Signs on Nude Beach

After they had gotten nearly 30 independent complaints – about visitors having sex on a nude, public beach – local representatives, in the Dutch province of Zeeland, have put up new signs.  They ban sexual activity on the sandscape.

The mayor expressed concern, which had been expressed by families who had witnessed groping… and had seen people scoping the beach, for potential lovers.

These concerns that led to the installation of the new signs.

One frequent beachgoer, who has been enjoying the nude beach for the last 14 years, said they have never experienced problems with promiscuity in their tenure, there.  But, largely because of inappropriately behaved visitors, the sign is now there, to stay.

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