FRISKY FRIDAY FRESH:  Why Not Try the New ‘Adventure Wedding’?
Adventure Weddings Are on the Rise
Christina Janansky and Anthony Rieder tied the knot by hiking to the top of an 11,000-foot mountain at 2:30 a.m., and jumping into a freezing cold lake.

It was genuinely the best day of my life and every memory from the day feels crystal clear and perfect for us,” Janansky said.

Adventure eloping has become a popular way to hike, paddle, or fly to your nuptials.  “In 2017, I photographed 55 elopements in 13 countries…  and then COVID just poured gasoline on that fire.  I got 284 inquiries for elopements in May of 2020 alone,” Maddie Mae of Adventure Instead said.

While some partners worry that an adventure elopement will make friends and family angry, Mae believes that loved ones will understand. “I’ve never ever had a couple regret eloping,” she said.

Just make sure you’ve prepared with the correct forecasts, equipment, attire, attitude – both of you.  That’s a lot like preparing for marriage, itself…  [except your family is not necessarily involved…  but, when it comes to marriage, they will be…]

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