FRISKY FRIDAY FRESH-BREATH:  Here’s How Often We Forget to Floss and Rinse
Americans Forget to Floss, Use Mouthwash Four Times per Week 

Americans skip floss and mouthwash four times each week, a Listerine survey of 2,000 adults shows.

Almost all of them, 92%, believe that their oral care routine is important to their health.  And it is.  Doctors agree that the mouth is the gateway to overall health or issues with it.

It’s also a big deal if you’re dating or in a relationship…  Right?

About half (51%) would talk to a loved one if they noticed bad breath.

Most Americans believe oral care includes going to the dentist regularly, brushing multiple times a day, and using mouthwash.

Brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash twice a day, every day really are our best tools when it comes to fighting and preventing common oral health issues,” Dr. Marie M. Jackson said.

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Do you stick to your dental hygiene routine?

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