FRISKY FRIDAY FREEZE-GUY:  The Guy Who Wears Shorts in Winter – Here’s WHY

You probably know one of these guys – or maybe you ARE one of them:  The guy who wears shorts in freezing cold weather. 

So why do some people – usually men – like wearing shorts, even when the temperature is in the super-chilly zone?

Psychologist Carolina Estevez has a few theories…  She says it could be driven by a desire to demonstrate toughness or masculinity.

Because Shorts Guy may think others will be impressed by his ability to tolerate cold temperatures.

It can also be a way to make a statement and something that sets them apart from others, and makes them memorable.

[Maybe he comes from a long line of folks who wore kilts in the top of the hemisphere?  That’s MY family – and one of my sons is just like that.  LOL  ~ Mo]

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