FRISKY FRIDAY FREAKISH:  Full-Body Pleasure Is Apparently a Thing
Experts Take to Social Media to Describe Full-Body Pleasure

After a woman had a passionate experience at the Los Angeles Philharmonic, sexologists have been taking to social media, to describe full-body orgasms.

According to the posts, this intense experience can be felt in every part of the body – and can include tingling or even numbness.

Dr. Laurie Watson described her experience as a feeling that “shattered through my body as almost thousands of convulsions, literally head shaking and body shaking.”

Is this what happened to the woman at the philharmonic?  [That could be entirely embarrassing, and unsettling for others!]

While it’s just speculation, a past study from McGill University revealed that music can release endorphins and dopamine, which also happens during orgasm.

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