FRISKY FRIDAY FREAK-OUT:  Mystery ‘Pale’ Man Cycles Through English Village
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Mystery ‘Pale’ Man – Seen Cycling Naked Through Village – Baffles Residents 

People are understandably freaked out by this.  A mysterious ‘pale’ man has been spotted cycling, naked, through a village in England.

Locals say they spotted the man Easter Sunday morning (April 17th).  And he was caught on camera, taking his ride, again, on Tuesday (April 19th).

Derbyshire police got a call from one member of the public about the naked cyclist on Tuesday.  But an officer in the area failed to track him down.  If he’s caught he could be charged with indecent exposure.

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  • A mysterious “pale” man has been spotted cycling naked through a village in England a few times recently—police got a call about him once, but were unable to catch him
  • Officers say if he’s caught he could potentially be charged with indecent exposure
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