FRISKY FRIDAY FREAK-OUT:  Haunted House Is Actually a Brothel – with Frisky Ghosts
Woman Turns Haunted Ex-Brothel into Halloween Tourist Attraction 

A Texas landlady wants folks to find her frisky ghosts, for fun, this Halloween.

Linda Hill claims her manor was a brothel in the 1800’s.  She says spirits of this era still roam the halls; and she claims they are looking for some lovin.’

The Gainesville residence, called the Hill House Manor, is now a hotspot for tourists, who want their own spooky encounter.

Hill and other visitors said they have heard compliments and groans.  There’s also a deep well, surrounded by plexiglass, which guests can look into.

Because of the strange happenings in the home, the longest-term renter only lasted for six months.

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From MeawwA resident claimed to have heard groaning voices of people saying, “oh baby, oh baby, yeah” and “yeah, I like that,” during their stay.  However, the owner did not believe the claims until she experienced an eerie incident, herself.  Linda claims to have heard a sly male voice complimenting her while she was in the shower one day.  “Looking good,” said the male spirit, as stated by the home’s owner.  Linda initially thought that it was her husband.  However, her husband soon walked into the washroom and asked her who she was talking to.  “And it was like ‘oh my god, it really is haunted,'” said Linda to WFAA.

Would you stay overnight at a haunted house like this?

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