FRISKY FRIDAY FREAK-FILES:  Embracing THIS Could Be Key to Love 
Embracing “the Cringe” Could Be Key to Love 

Do you show your nerdy side before a first date?  Three in four younger singles agree that embracing your “cringey” side will help you find your perfect match.

74% of 2,000 Gen Z and millennial singles find it attractive when a date shares their nerdy hobbies.  These can be fandoms, or odd collections, or a passion for a niche sport.

73% are not afraid to reveal “cringe-worthy” facts about themselves, on a first date.

And 35% now think it’s cool to call a potential date on the phone.  Wait, was that not cool anymore?  Ha!

Our research gives tangible proof that dating as your most authentic self, cringey interests and all, can and will help singles find a true and meaningful connection,” Eva Gallagher of Plenty of Fish said.  “When both parties are true to themselves, the likelihood of fostering a deeper, more meaningful connection increases.”

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