FRISKY FRIDAY FRAUD:  Your Dating App May ‘Swipe’ Your Savings – Here’s How
Study:  Here’s How Scammers Use Dating Apps  

You might be swiping for love, but keep your guard up against the opposite.   That dating app may bring something criminal, rather than cuddly, to your doorstep.  Talk about a “Swipe Right“?  This is really a “Swipe Wrong.”

Georgia State University research reveals just how deceptive scammers can be, on these apps.

Study authors reviewed 10,000 reports of scamming victims, who were contacted from a number of sites, including Twitter, Facebook, Tinder, Ashley Madison, and OkCupid.

Red flags to look out for include getting asked to move to a private messaging platform, pressure to make quick decisions, refusal to talk on the phone, and failure to send recent photographs.

Researchers suggest that new algorithms on apps may help prevent “romance fraud” before it begins, by identifying potential victims, or bad actors, in advance.  But, for now, you are your own best protector.

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