FRISKY FRIDAY FRACUS:  Stay-at-Home Girlfriend Trend – Yes or No?
A young woman and man spending time together indoors.
This Stay-at-Home-Girlfriend Trend Causes Controversy
We’ve heard of stay-at-home wives and moms, but have you heard of stay-at-home girlfriends? 
More and more social media influencers are documenting the trend, which can show girlfriends getting ready for the day, performing tasks for their boyfriends, or doing their skincare routine.

So far, the tag #stayathomegirlfriend has 109 million TikTok views.

But is the trend anti-feminist, or liberating?

I think people’s mindsets are very black and white.  They either think women are mooching off their boyfriends or working full time, and having 95 side hustles,” said 29-year-old stay-at-home girlfriend Zoë Rae.

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