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FRISKY FRIDAY FOTOGENIX: Do Attractive People Have Better Immune Systems?

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Study:  Attractive People Have Better Immune Systems

Beauty isn’t the only thing attractive people have going for them.

Texas Christian University researchers have found that traits, which have been traditionally linked to attractiveness (such as a symmetrical face and bright eyes), may be signs the body is better at fighting off infections.

In their study, the scientists found that people who were rated most attractive, by other participants, also had higher rates of phagocytosis.  That’s the process by which white blood cells destroy bacteria, before it can make someone ill.

It’s long been suggested that good-looking people are healthier as, for example, people with symmetrical faces are less likely to have had developmental problems in the womb, or during childhood.

Study leader Summer Mengelkoch adds, “With modern medicine, infections are not as deadly as they used to be, so perhaps it’s ok if people lower their standards and start to give people who are less attractive a shot.”

[ Wait, what?!!  Perhaps she meant we shouldn’t discriminate…  like that.  LOL ]

See more, here:  (Daily Mail)


  • A study finds people rated as most attractive by participants also had the highest level of germ-fighting white blood cells in their blood, suggesting the immune systems of traditionally attractive people might be better

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