On This Arbor Day in the US:  An Influencer Might Be Deported for ‘Au Naturel’ with Sacred Tree
Talk about getting “in touch with nature“…  A social media influencer might be deported from Bali, after taking naked photos with a sacred tree.  

Photos of the nude tourist enraged Ni Luh Djelantik, who is a local activist.

The tree in the photos is 700 years old and is located close to a temple.

Do you think you’ll look cool taking naked pictures on our holy trees?” Djelantik said.

The Denpasar Immigration Office has confirmed the influencer’s arrest, but no other details have been released.

See a lot more, here:  (NY Post)

Would you take a nude selfie by a famous tree, or any tree?

Would you take the picture for someone else, as they posed?

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