FRISKY FRIDAY FORUM:  Will Marriage Make You Forgetful or – Wait, What?
Study:  Marriage Lowers your Risk of Dementia – Wait, What?

Tying the knot,” and keeping it tied, might be good for your brain, rather than not.  It’s a “forget me not.”

Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology have looked at the health of 150,000 participants…  They found that those who stayed married were at lower risk of dementia.

The team examined marital status, and other health factors, like smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, and close friendships.

This survey indicates that being married and a lower risk of dementia are linked, but we don’t know why,” Dr. Asta Håberg said.

One theory is that having a partner or children can help you stay cognitively active, and better cope with adversity.

Learn more, here:  (Study Finds)                        Now…  What were we talking about?  LOL

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