Here’s a question which SEEMS like it has an obvious answer . . . until you really stop to think about it.

A new survey asks whose relationship advice you would trust more:  Someone who’s in a long-term relationship and has never been through a breakup – or someone who’s been through lots of breakups?

32% of people go with the long-term relationship person…  It would make sense to want to learn the “secret” of how, say, “high school sweethearts” go to prom, get married, then stay married for decades…

17% want the breakup veteran…  This also makes sense, to want to hear the battle stories, “wins and losses,” so that you could learn, from their expense, what to NOT do…

And 51% aren’t sure.

It would be nice if there was an option, in the survey, to choose BOTH – Don’t you think?

See more, so you can decide, here:  (YouGov)

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