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FRISKY FRIDAY FORUM: Which ‘Male Carriers’ Deliver the Biggest Packages?

Study:  American Men’s ‘Packages’ Are the 56th Biggest in the World
If we thought of all of the world’s men as, well, not “mail carriers,” but “male package carriers,” who would be hauling the biggest load?  Who can really deliver?

American men fall in 56th place in terms of length of packages, compared to men from across the globe.

Online pharmacy From Mars analyzed Google data from 86 different countries to come up with the findings.

Their data shows that men in Ecuador carry the longest average at 6.93 inches, followed by Cameroon (6.56 inches), Bolivia (6.5 inches), Sudan (6.48 inches), and Haiti (6.3 inches).

The US come in 56th place with 5.35 inches (just below India with 5.4 inches, and just above Japan with 5.34 inches), while Taiwan nails 85th place with 4.24 inches, and Cambodia falls in last place (86th) with 2.95 inches.

But worldwide debate remains:  Does size matter; or is it what you do with what you’ve got?

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