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FRISKY FRIDAY FORUM: What Does It Really Mean To Be Bad In Bed?

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Have you ever been told you’re bad in bed?  And what does that even really mean?
SWNS research reveals that half of coupled-up Americans say their current partner is the worst sex they’ve ever had.
A survey of 2,000 sexually active U.S. residents found one in five has experienced more than 10 truly awful sexual encounters in his or her life…  And 44% even stopped in the middle of a sexual encounter because it was so bad.
Respondents also opened up about some of the most embarrassing moments in bed, such as calling out an ex’s name in the heat of the moment, or falling off the couch and rupturing four vertebral discs. Many people have actually injured themselves during sex (62% say the easiest way to hurt yourself is during “doggy-style”).
Zhana Vrangalova is an NYU professor of Human Sexuality says it means two things:
1) “You don’t have the basic—or more advanced—skills necessary to please a partner” (and not hurt that person, while you’re attempting to please).
2) You’re “being responsive to the specific partner you are with; all of the techniques in the world are of no use, if they are not what your partner wants, at that time.”
Tyomi Morgan, a certified sexologist says, “Sex that is typically labeled as ‘bad,’ lacks confidence, communication, consent, connection, enthusiasm, passion, and skill.”
Vrangalova adds that, “No one was born a good lover.  No one.  Even the most sexual and most perceptive, giving people were not great lovers when they first started having sex.  These natural tendencies we were born with require the right kinds of experiences to further shape them into applicable skills and practices.  So those who are predisposed to be naturally better at sex just learned faster than others.  There is no way to get there without the learning and experience part.”
In other words:  You might just still be learning.
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