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FRISKY FRIDAY FORUM: Is It OK to Ask for Your Money Back, after You Pay for a Date?

A Guy Texts a Woman Who Ended Things After Three Dates to Ask for Her to Pay Him Back Half the Costs


This is a bold move, that’s for sure:  A “date rebate,” perhaps.  A woman named Alex Coboth, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, just tweeted a screenshot of the texts a guy sent her, when she ended things – after they went on three dates.

Quote, “It’s only fair to ask for equal payment from you from the dates we went on . . . I paid for both of us each time.  I’d say $35 is more than fair for your food and drinks . . . I view you as a fair girl, I hope you’ll consider reimbursing me.”  Would you?

Now her tweet is going viral . . . and she has NOT sent him any money.  It would be interesting to know more…  Did she use him for meals?  Or did they really give it a try, but it just didn’t work out?

Match up with more, here:  (Twitter


(Here’s the screenshot.)

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