FRISKY FRIDAY FITNESS:  Is ‘The Big Make-Out’ a Good Work-Out?
Black man and woman enjoying sexual foreplay in bed, free space
It’s not exactly like “getting your steps in” for the day, but…  Does that time between the sheets count?  Yes – but not as much as we might think.   
Sex burns a few calories, but frequent friskiness isn’t going to replace the gym.  You may not be getting quite as good of a workout between the sheets as you think.  According to a study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine, sex lasts six minutes on average and only burns about 21 calories.

According to a University of Montreal study, on average, men burn 100 calories, and women burn 69 (yep), as they seek “the Big O.”

Men may be more active during sex, or they might be exerting more energy because they weigh more, on average.  Or trying to impress?  LOL  Hard to tell.

According to Harvard HealthSex burns about five calories a minute; that’s four more than a man uses watching TV, but it’s about the same as walking the course to play golf.  If a man can walk up two or three flights of stairs without difficulty, he should be in shape for sex.

Sexperts” say, if you’re looking to burn the most calories, try these positions:  The Squat, the Butter Churner, and the Kneeling Wheelbarrow.  These require one or more partners to carry their own weight, and maybe some of the weight of the other.

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