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FRISKY FRIDAY FORUM: Here Are the Most Embarrassing Things which Happen on Dates

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As dating in real life starts to come back, there are a few things on this list that single people have to start worrying about again . . .

With the new rules, regarding mask-wearing, loosening up so much, dating begins to look, not just possible, but beyond probable for most…  In fact, the majority of singles now say they can not wait to get back out and actually meet people.  Most are looking for a partner, rather than a lot of casual action.

But getting back to dating means getting good at it, again.

And almost half of us have had something humiliating happen on a date, according to a recent poll.  Here are the ten most embarrassing things (which actually happen all the time):

1.  Awkward silences.

2.  Forgetting the person’s name.

3.  Going in for a hug or kiss at the wrong time.

4.  Falling over in your chair.

5.  Spilling a drink on yourself.

6.  Spilling food on yourself.

7.  You’re on a date, and you bump into your ex.

8.  Calling your date the wrong name.

9.  Telling a joke that doesn’t land.

10.  Passing gas, and they notice.

A few more:  Food in your teeth – burping – spilling on THEM- and laughing at something that wasn’t supposed to be funny.

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