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FRISKY FRIDAY FARCE: Boyfriend Uses Urn to Cheat on Girlfriend – in their Home

TikToker Discovers an Urn in her Home – Which her Boyfriend Used to Cheat on her…  and Pretend She Was Dead


A woman recently hopped on TikTok, to share how she found an urn in her home – and the lie, which kept it in a prominent spot.

Brooke was living with her boyfriend, when she discovered the container (meant for ashes – of the deceased).

He had been using it as a prop – to tell other women that his girlfriend had just died – and that her ashes were in that urn.  (How far gone is tooooo far?)

This lie also helped explain why their home had a distinctively feminine decor (which he seemed to prefer); and why her pictures were placed all around their home.

Brooke has brilliantly hash-tagged the video #UrnTheirTrust.

[What is the craziest lie someone told you and you later found out it they were really cheating on you?] 

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