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FRISKY FRIDAY FORUM: 3 Best Questions for Your Valentine

FRISKY FRIDAY props to the folks at the dating website, OK Cupid, who have culled data, from their 7 million users, and have come up with these:

3 Valentine Date Questions – Get to the Heart of What You Really Want to Know

  • If you want to know whether they’re only interested in something non-committal and casual, ask this: Do you like beer? Research shows that beer lovers are 60% more likely to want casual, no-strings-attached encounters. And that’s true of men and women who prefer beer.
  • Want to know how smart your date is? Ask this: Do you have a TV in your bedroom? We all know that too much TV is bad for the brain, but the OK Cupid folks found a really strong correlation. Three-quarters of the guys without a TV in the bedroom aced their basic-intelligence test. While the same number of guys with a TV in the bedroom failed the intelligence test.
  • And, if you want to know whether your date ever wants kids, ask one of two thing: “At the movies, do you leave before the credits are over?” OR “Do you believe in miracles?” It turns out, a remarkable 82% of people who leave before the movie credits are looking to start a family. The researchers admit they don’t understand the correlation. But as for the “miracles” question – if your date says “yes” they do believe, they’re 1.5 times more likely to want kids.

It’s another fun FRISKY FRIDAY – Valentine Edition!

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