FRISKY FRIDAY FORUM:  Are You Turned-On by Someone’s Sneeze?
Close-up of a woman laughing, covering her mouth with her hand.
Are You Aroused by Sneezes?
Allergy season now apparently offers a spicy twist…  Sex-and-relationship coach Niki Davis-Fainbloom opened up about a rare fetish she sees clients for:  Mucophilia, or a sneezing fetish.

This means they can be aroused by the sneezes of others – or their own.

A sneeze fetish forum (of course, there is one) explores questions like, “Do big noses equal big sneezes?” and “Can you guess someone’s sneeze by their personality or appearance?

Sharing a fetish with your partner can lead to a deeper connection and less shame.  Davis-Fainbloom recommends you be honest, about desires; as it can help you feel more comfortable.

Uniqueness is desirable, and confidence is sexy.  Own it!  Start by telling someone you trust,” her patient, known just as “L,” said.

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