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FRISKY FRIDAY FORUM: Are Hot Dogs a Good Gift from a Secret Admirer?

A Woman Gets Two Hot Dogs from a Secret Admirer . . . Is This a Good Romantic Strategy?


I’m not sure the way to a woman’s heart is via anonymous delivery of processed meat; but I guess you don’t know until you try.

A 25-year-old woman named Elleanor Holland, in Lancashire, in the U.K., woke up to a surprise from a secret admirer on Saturday.  It was a note, which read:  “I will always love you” . . . and it came with two cooked hot dogs.  There were no buns or anything, just the two weiners.

She says she has no idea who it was all from . . . and she adds that her boyfriend doesn’t feel threatened.

There’s more, here:  (The Sun



(Here’s her photo, and a photo of the hot dogs.)

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