FRISKY FRIDAY FORTITUDE:  Want to Keep Your Relationship?  Quit THIS
Study:  Want to Keep Your Relationship Frisky, Fun, Strong?  Stop Viewing All Adult Media

Research out of Brigham Young University suggests that even softcore stuff can be damaging to one’s relationship.

A survey of 3,500 people in relationships around age 38 were quizzed about their use of adult programming and their happiness levels.

Those who watched porn were more likely to say they were not satisfied with their relationships, regardless of the type of porn they watched – nor whether it started before or after any trouble.

Dr. Brian Willoughby said he had expected to find that aggressive, violent viewing would have had more of an impact; but according to the surveys, “any pornography use or increase was always linked to less stability and less satisfaction in the relationship.”

Religious men were more likely to say it negatively impacted their relationship.

And scientists found that it was hardly ever brought up in couple’s therapy – even when it was a big factor.

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