FRISKY FRIDAY FORTITUDE:  Is ‘Liquid Courage’ Really a Thing?  Are ‘Beer Goggles’?

While “beer goggles” may (or may not) be a myth, some “liquid courage” could actually help you approach someone you find attractive.

A new study, from New Jersey, reveals that male participants – who were given alcohol – were 1.7 times more likely to try to approach someone, whom they found especially attractive…  almost twice as likely.  Females weren’t studied, apparently…  Just the Blue Team, not the Pink Team.

Alcohol did not, however, alter how attractive these men found strangers – so, the goggles weren’t really a thing.

The drink may have given these men a boost of courage, to do something they would not have done otherwise.

Social motivations and intentions change when drinking, in ways that may be appealing in the short term but possibly harmful in the long term,” Dr. Molly Bowdring said.

Wait…  so, maybe the beer goggles are a thing.

(Check out more, here: Study Finds)

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