FRISKY FRIDAY FORMALITY:  Do You Wear Real Pants to Zoom Calls?
69% of workers – more than two out of three – who attend virtual meetings have admitted to wearing a professional top and casual bottoms in a video call.  

One worker who participated in the VSP Vision Care survey of 2,000 employed adults said they saw “colleagues who had no time to change and were wearing pajamas for the meeting.”

The survey also found:  Workers zone out about 27 minutes into a call.

One out of three (35%) have worn blue light lenses to help protect their eyes.  I do.

Whether you wear glasses or not, excessive exposure to screens and the blue light they emit may contribute to digital eye strain,” Dr. Valerie Sheety-Pilon said.  “Eye health is more than taking frequent breaks while working on digital devices.  It’s visiting an eye doctor regularly, practicing good visual hygiene, and wearing the right prescription eyewear.”


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