FRISKY FRIDAY FOOTBALL FRIENDS?  “Drafting Season” Begins for Singles
It’s Dating Drafting Season:  Here’s What That Means 

Winter is sometimes known as “cuffing season“…  The time of year when some settle down with someone else, to snuggle on cold nights.  That means fall is becoming considered the start of “drafting season“:  When you date around, to make your winter selection…  or, build your team of two.  It’s got a kind of a football-feel to it.

A so-called “sex expert” explains why you might try drafting season:  “This period of ‘tryouts’ separates would-be relationship material from ghosts, breadcrumbers and love bombers,” says Kelly Gordon.

Tips include:

  • Be open to people who are outside of your usual “type”
  • Keep dating fun
  • Don’t rush into a relationship
  • Don’t settle for just anyone

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