FRISKY FRIDAY FOOD-DELIVERY FRIEND:  Man Carried Ancient Mummy in Delivery BackPack as ‘Spiritual Girlfriend’
Man Kept Ancient Mummy in Food Delivery Backpack – as ‘Spiritual Girlfriend’ 

A “Pedidos Ya” deliveryman, in Peru, kept a mummy (between 600 and 800 years old) at his parents’ house, and sometimes took the remains on trips – in his delivery backpack.  Oh, ick.

Julio Cesar says he called the mummy “Juanita,” and that she is his “spiritual girlfriend.”

The mummy was confiscated by police, in an effort to “protect and preserve” the nation’s heritage.

Cesar claims the remains have been in the family for three decades…  And they once attempted to donate them to a museum.

Just one of the problems, here:  According to Peru’s culture ministry, the remains belong to a man – who was over 45 years of age, at death.

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