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FRISKY FRIDAY FOLIAGE: Visitors Asked to Stop Picking Plants Which Resemble Male Anatomy (Rhymes with Venus)

Close-up of a woman laughing, covering her mouth with her hand.
Cambodian Government:  Stop Picking Rare, Carnivorous ‘Penis Plants’ for Photos 
What won’t people do for social media “likes” or laughs?  They WILL disregard nature and conservation.
Cambodia’s Ministry of Environment has asked the public to stop picking a “carnivorous penis plant,” due to concern that it could be driven to extinction.
It all started after a video of three Cambodian women, who were picking the plants on Bokor Mountain in Kampot, surfaced.
In the video, the women are seen excitedly gathering the plants and holding them up to their faces, while comparing the shapes and sizes of the various plants.
It’s actually called Nepenthes bokorensis.  It has a long shaft-like tube, which it uses to drown insects in, and a curved lid.
The Ministry posted about the issue on Facebook, writing, “What they are doing is wrong and they should not do it again in the future.  Thank you for loving natural resources, but do not pick the flowers, or they will be ruined.”

See more, here:  (Daily Mail)

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